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Overall Solution

The prep liquid chromatography solution is mainly used for APIs, synthetic polypeptides, oligonucleotides, recombinant proteins (including insulin), highly active APIs and other fine chemical products, fermentation products, natural extraction (paclitaxel, arabinoside, etc.), semi-synthetic or organically synthesized small molecules.

As an overall solution of prep liquid chromatography, Hanbon Sci&Tech’s products include:

l DAC chromatography column from lab scale to industrial scale

l Plunger liquid chromatogrphic system from lab to pilot production

l Industrial preparative HPLC system

l On-line fast detection/ Monitoring system

l Automatic solvent distribution system

l Pervaporation separation system (solvent recovery technology)

Advanced preparative liquid chromatography columns for separation and purification of biological and chemical products.

With more than 13 years of research and development experience, plunger pump and diaphragm pump liquid phase preparation system which developed by Hanbon can be used for the APIs, synthesis of peptides, intermediates and other refined small molecules and biological products purification. We can provide HPLC system and overall solution from lab scale to CS-Industrial scale. 

Dynamic Axial Compression Column

The piston adopts hydraulic control, which can provide high column efficiency and good peak symmetry for the dynamic column. Combining with the "H" tree distributor designed by Hanbon Sci&Tech Patent, the advanced rolling and grinding technology of the cylinder ensures that the Ra of the inner surface of the cylinder is less than 0. 2 μ m. These DAC techniques guarantee the best performance and maximum service time, the inner diameter of the column can range from 50 to 1600mm. Using Hanbon technology chromatographic columns can ensure that your process can be enlarged.

Complete Tool Kit

The design of DAC column of Hanbon is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, while ensuring the safety of the operator at the same time. All heavy parts are operated from the bottom of the column to avoid crane and high altitude operation. For example, piston rotating units, pistons and a supporting table of flanges, and the operator can perform all these operations.

Rich experience

More than 13 years experience in column design

Continuous improvement of column performance by over 40 engineers and technicians

More than 300 sets of chromatographic columns used in APIs, polypeptides and intermediates around the world

Multiple options from lab scale to industrial scale

First-class industrial HPLC system

Our industrial HPLC system is a fully automatic high-pressure solvent conveying system for running under cGMP conditions which also can be used in conjunction with the Hanbon DAC column to ensure the best separation efficiency, minimum dead volume and minimum flow change.

Our equipment includes advanced process analysis technology of PAT (FDA guidance specification), high precision gradient function and flexible automatic collection function.

Software and automation

The operation process can be visually detected in real time according to the requirements of the customer, the custom process flow and the parameters.

l Equipped with industrial PLC and PC interfaces

l Verified software conforms to 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP5

l Easy interface and intuitive editing

l Complete DQ/ IQ/ OQ/ PQ Validation Document System

l Multilevel full permissions and administrator control

Multiple options from lad and pilot scale to industrial scale

Pre-column & System

The packing material used in dynamic column is expensive. In order to protect the large diameter DAC column packing material and filter plate and prolong its service life, it is usually necessary to pretreat the sample.

Automatic solvent distribution system

In the process of chromatographic production, a large number of different proportions of solute will be used for elution. We can equip an automatic solvent distribution system to monitor the concentration of solvent on-line and use mass flow meter, flow regulating valve, on-line mixer, etc to realize the automatic proportion and detection of online solvent. The precision and stability of the formulation solution can be guaranteed by advanced closed-loop control technology as well.