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DAC50, like donkey in impurity preparation, or submachine gun in small scale preparation


DAC50 Dynamic Axial Compression Column and NS4210 chromatography system are one of the most popular equipment in the research and development of sample preparation process.

High pressure dual pump gradient mode solves the problem of small scale product purification. Injection can be realized by manual six-way injection valve, and the sample loading can reach gram level, suitable for the laboratory scale and scientific research.

NS4210 system is a flexible modular construction combination, equipped with two plunger piston pumps with a flow rate of 100mL/min and one UV detector, which can realize gradient elution of high-pressure double pumps.  

DAC50 with ID 5cm has a freer separation system. The sample loading and purification capacity of single gram can meet the purification requirements of most laboratories. One preparation cycle is completed in an hour, which is like rocket speed compared with the ordinary pressure chromatographic separation.

 The design of column body on the ground does not occupy the space of the laboratory table, which is friendly for the lab with high cost of land. Moreover, the support mechanism of three legs is stable, and the caster is convenient to move.

small scale preparation

DAC50 is like a sniper gun for small scale preparation and process R &D in the laboratory. The selection of filler is willful but objective. DAC50 can be filled with different kinds of filler for process optimization, without the need to add prepacked columns of various fillers, making the laboratory look like weapons and ammunition dumps. A column is all. The structural design of DAC50 is the same as that of industrial DAC column. If your preparation volume is increased to 1024 times one day, we also can provide technical support of linear amplification and complete set of industrial DAC system.

Impurity preparation

Impurity preparation is one of the difficulties for sample purification. The traditional method is to use glass column with little effect or use imported equipment to collect bit by bit. Now, it's time to introduce our DAC50, a diligent little donkey. The one-time preparation capacity of DAC50 is 5-20 times of that of the 20ml / min imported system. High throughput screening + excellent batch reproducibility can be viewed as a model of efficiency. Such high efficiency depends on the dynamic axial compression control unit, which can realize dynamic pressure maintaining and prevent the collapse of the cylinder head, prevent the decrease of the column efficiency and the poor reproducibility. Even if the column efficiency is reduced after long-term use, the filler can be taken out after disassembling the column, and be mixed to reload the column, and the whole process of reassembly can be completed within 60 minutes. 

This system can also be equipped with the automatic fraction collector to increase the level of automation and reduce the chores in the purification process. You can focus more on the development of 2019-nCoV vaccine and medicine. 

The tenacity of the donkey or the ferocity of the gun, it's great to have each advantage of them. However our system does have the both of them, so i want to share it with you from the bottom of my heart.

In addition, Hanbon has a rich and complete product line in addition to NS4210 and DAC50. We can meet your all requirements from process development to pilot scale and production process.