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Holding on the dream, Competing in the global--- Jiangsu Hanbon Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd 2020 Spring Festival Party


Looking back to the past year 2019, years passed by, and many good memories are kept in mind. “Holding on the dream, Competing in the global---Jiangsu Hanbon Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd 2020 Spring Festival Party” will be held on January 18th, 2020 in the New Century Hall of New Century Grand Hotel in Huai 'an city. We will reward 2019 and welcome 2020 with a grand party!

People from all over the world gather at New Century Grand Hotel

For Hanbon, 2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Under the leadership of our chairman Mr. Dabing Zhang, we seek innovation and strive forward, and the company's sales revenue has broken through again. The annual revenue exceeded 253 million yuan, up more than 100% on the previous year.

2020, Past with the Future

Dr. Li shengying, CEO of Hanbon, reported the work in 2019. While achieving leapfrog development, Hanbon has won the approval of all 6 provincial R&D platforms, and won the titles of "Jiangsu Province Enterprise with Remarkable Achievements in Talent Introduction and Application" and "Jiangsu Province Small Giant with Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and New". Hanbon has also been approved a series of provincial and municipal key projects, and awarded the title of excellent enterprise by the governments.

In 2020, we will comprehensively strengthen the construction of product, technology and service personnel team; Clear customer’s R&D needs; Further improve the production efficiency and the construction of the quality system; Improve customer experience and service satisfaction; Better to provide users with timely and professional services.

Dr. Lee emphasized our determination again to implement the company's "540" Plan, which is growing by 40% annually.

Salute the Strivers

We all have moving, also have regrets when review the past. When we look back on the experience together in 2019, the sweat and effort that we have paid will condense into a shining result. In order to recognize the dedication and efforts of the strivers and inspire us to go higher and further, Hanbon will honored them.

· Excellent Staff

· Best Sales

· Special Award

· Scientific and Technological Progress Second Prize

· Scientific and Technological Progress Grand Price

· Highest Sales Award

Academician Zhang sent word to Hanbon

Chief scientist of Hanbon academician workstation ---Zhang Yukui, Dalian Institute of Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to present the prize to Dr. Zhang, winner of Scientific and Technological Progress Grand Price. Academician Zhang's sent word to national chromatography industry: We are not only surprised by the remarkable achievements made by Hanbon this year, but also by the scale of preparative chromatography column in the workshop of the new factory. Hanbon is not only the pride of Huai ’an, but also the pride of China and the world. I wish Hanbon a prosperous development. 

Cheers and Laughter

Then the annual party entered the second climax - the art show stage. All the performances were diligently rehearsed by the actors of Hanbon during their rest time, and happily, they received warm applause, praise and laughter from the audience. Finally, in the singing of “My Motherland and Me”, the art show was successfully concluded. And we will entered the dinner party and lottery. 

Who are favored by Fortune?

To thank everyone for their hard work over the past year, the Annual Party officially kicked off with a toast from the top executives of Hanbon. The highlight of the party, of course, was the lottery. In addition to the regular grand prize and the first, second and third prize, more than 120 red envelopes were given by our chairman Mr. Dabing Zhang and our excellent partners. Wish Fortune live up to the hard work of every striver!