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Hanbon and your 100 years: Foshan Nineteen ~ (th) annual conference on Biological Products in China


19th China Annual Conference on Biological Products

 Beijing International Convention Center, 28-30 November

Booth No. 218-219, Hanbon

Hanbon high-tech enterprises, which focus on the chromatographic products, provide customers with the design and implementation of the overall solution with the chromatographic separation and purification process as the core It mainly provides downstream separation and purification equipment for biopharmaceutical users, including a series of chromatography system, chromatography column, ultrafiltration system, automatic liquid mixing system, etc.

Hanbon Science and technology macromolecule BUSINESS DEPARTMENT WELCOME TO FLIRT!

Bio-lab and Bio-Pro series chromatography system can meet the different needs of users from laboratory process research, small-scale test, pilot-scale test and industrial production.

MCC, ACC, SCC columns with different packing methods are suitable for all kinds of separation media and meet the needs of different production scales.

The Bio-TFF automatic ultrafiltration system is ideal for monoclonal antibody, vaccines, blood products, and other biomacromolecules. Bio-con on-line dilution system is designed with closed-loop control concept, real-time feedback regulation, high accuracy, is the best solvent solution for biopharmaceutical industry.

The most powerful voice in the meeting

The 19th annual conference of China Biological Products (CBIOPC) and the celebration of the centenary of China Biological Products was jointly organized by the China Vaccine Industry Association (formerly the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association) , the Professional Committee on biopharmaceutical and quality research of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society, the Biological Products Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Society, the Vaccine Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association and the Biological Products Committee of the Chinese Society for microbiology.

The theme of this conference is to review the history of biological products in China over the past 100 years, showcase the achievements of biological products in New China over the past 70 years, and promote technological innovation and development of biological products Focusing on the hot spots of biopharmaceutical industry, we will arrange expert lectures, round-table discussions, exhibitions of new technologies and achievements, and visits to biopharmaceutical enterprises.

Schedule of meetings

Opening Ceremony:

November 298:30-9:30

venue: Hall 1

Moderator: Yang Xiaoming


venue: 9:30-12:00

venue: Hall 1

Moderator: Wang Junzhi, wu Yonglin


Vaccine Branch venue time:

November 2913:30-17:25

November 308:30-14:45

venue: 5-1 Branch

Venue Chairman: Liang argument, Zhang Yuntao

moderator: Zhang Yuntao, Ankang, Yang Jingsi, Yu Xuefeng, zhang Shumin


vaccine clinical application branch venue time:

November 308:30-12:10 venue: 5-2 Hall

Branch Venue Chairman: Wang Huaqing

Moderator: Wang Huaqing,

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29 Nov 13:30-17:25 Nov 308:30-15:10

venue: Hall 2 Venue Chairman: Rao Chunming,

Room Jianmin moderators: Fu Daotian, Shao Ningsheng, Xiao Zhihua, Chen Huipeng,


9 Nov 13:30-17:50 Nov 308:30-16:00

venue: 201

Session Chairman: Meng Shufang, Yan Guangmei,

moderator: Meng Shufang, Rao Chunming, Yan Guangmei, Li Yonghong Zhang Hezhan


blood products conference room time:

November 29,13:30-17:50

conference room: 203 CD


moderator: Shen Qi, Hou Jifeng


Botulinum Toxin Technology Conference Room

Time: November 30,8:30-11:50

conference room: 203 CD

CONFERENCE ROOM PRESIDENT: Ma Xiao, wanxinhua hosts: Jin Lingjing, Wang Dongsheng


investment and financing branch venue

time: November 29,13:30-17:15

venue: 5-2 Hall Branch

Venue Chairman: Yuan Quanhong

moderator: Yuan Quanhong, minae of Silla


Biopharmaceutical Engineering Technology Conference Room

Time: November 30,8:30-12:00

Conference Room: 203AB

Conference Room Chair: Li Li moderator: Li Li, liang Lei


biopharmaceutical equipment and Materials Innovation Forum

time: November 29,13:30-17:00

venue: 203AB

Chairman: Gong Hengjian

moderator: Yang Ming,


Vaccine pre-certification meeting

time: November 2888:30-17:30

venue: 307

closed meeting: 8:30-12:30

open meeting: 13:30-17:30