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Hanbon Sci & Tech has successfully passed the accreditation of provincial industrial enterprise technology center


Enterprise technology center refers to the enterprises or technical economic organizations established in key industries, especially emerging industries and high-tech industries of the whole province, which have the role of demonstration and guidance in technological innovation, as well as the role of industry promotion and driving. The identification of provincial enterprise technology center marks that the company's technological innovation ability and innovation performance have taken the lead in the technological innovation system of Jiangsu Province and played a positive role in guiding and demonstrating.


At this opportunity, Hanbon will give full play to the role of enterprise technology center in promoting enterprise technology innovation, increase R & D investment, improve effective personnel incentive mechanism, further improve enterprise innovation ability and R & D level, promote enterprise development, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Jiangsu province. 


Up to now, Hanbon has 6 provincial R & D platforms, namely "Jiangsu enterprise academician workstation", "Jiangsu postdoctoral innovation practice base", "Jiangsu enterprise graduate workstation", "Jiangsu biochemical process engineering technology research center", "Jiangsu industrial preparation chromatography technology engineering center" and "Jiangsu enterprise technology center". Next, Hanbon will establish 6 provincial R & D platforms in this basis, we will continue to increase investment in technological innovation, establish a sound technological innovation system, and prepare for the establishment of a national enterprise technology center.